Prologue… after a long but unavoidable absence

I should have started my work more than a month ago… But I’ve been staggering and struggling with obstacles like my current work, the neverending  home chores, my lovely sweet children… but everything was so demanding, to my own exhaustion. And, to my very big surprise, I found it terribly hard to switch from the daily state of mind to a creative and artistic one. It takes time and patience.

I’ve learnt that art is not an on-off activity. Art is, among others, a habit. Like brushing your teeth or like driving to work. Something that should get deep under your skin. This goes also for all those who, like me, feel already passionate about art, but not knowing how to tackle it.

But enough of that! This is not and will never be about complaining. I struggle, like many of you out there.

First of all, I want to assure you that you are not alone.

Second of all, I wanna make sure myself that I am not alone. I’m gladly open to advice, to sharing and to constructive and polite critique.

Third, last but not least, I want to find and to prove that solutions exist. Sometimes through errors, sometimes through lengthy periods of time, sometimes through quiet understanding and retreat…

I will post once or twice a week about:

  • my own assignments
  • my research (connected or not to the assignments)
  • new discoveries in art (which might be literature – I’m an avid reader – painting, music, exhibits that I might recommend… )
  • ways to connect all those discovered treasures with our common work

Have a wonderful evening, I’ll get back to you tomorrow and try to catch up to the lost time!



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