The Absence

I’m back. My absence is itself a part of this blog…

Well, what did I do for all this time if not art? First of all: I grew up. Also my expectations and my innermost wishes as far as Art and Drawing are concerned became more clear.

Second of all: I was getting used to have a very good night sleep, no matter what. It seems some studies say that 10 years of poor sleeping (wether little sleep or bad quality sleep) take approximately 5 years of healthy night time in order to compensate for its psychological and neurological damages… So, only another 4 and a half years to go! 😉

Third of all, I’ve pondered. My conclusion was that none of my close family members actually actively support my emergence as an artist: a painful understanding. So, I turned into this funny/ridiculous cliché where I’m the misunderstood and miserable artist and the world is my enemy.  I’m getting told to get a grip of myself and put my feet on the ground. Only that I refuse to be a cliché or to have enemies… and I clearly feel that my feet are steadily on the ground. Still, to my loved ones defense, so far I have not proven myself to them, at least not as an artist. They might see it as me selling something that I do not possess.

I’ve learned that nobody will offer the opportunity and the time to do art, unless I take it for myself . And I’ve learned that I almost have to steal it or to ferociously grab it (not my style but I’ll do it).

Also, I have learned that I have good friends following and patiently supporting me, and I am grateful for their presence! So my work will be not only for me, but for them too and for my kids, who think I’m wonderful, no matter what I do. Kind of convenient… 🙂

I’ve been watching the statistics of you all reading my blog. And they went up for a glimpse in time, only to plummet a few days later. It is not easy to have seen it but it was only normal, since I couldn’t work or write for such a long time. And I haven’t shown you any kind of worthy work results.

So, since I did enough talking, it time to get back to transforming what others might consider crazy fantasies into… reasonable dreams. Well, briefly, I’m getting back to work! 🙂



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