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Childhood flavours…

When I was very young, 6 to 8 years old, contrary to nowadays, I have never concerned myself with not being gifted or not being able to draw. I was just going with the flow, drawing and colouring, never getting tired of it. I was stretching my imagination and the results were always good and promising. I was actually feeling and enjoying unhindered progress. The walls of my room were practically wallpapered with my creations and I enjoyed looking at them every day :). What a feeling!

One amazing souvenir is my box of Mr. Sketch coloured markers. They were brought by a friend of our family from Canada and since they were nowhere to find in Romania at that time, they were extremely special to me. I remember my amazement when I received the box since the markers were strongly fruit scented and the scent was lingering on the paper a very long time after the drawing was finished. This was the scent of a wonderful and creatively rich era, this is the scent of my Childhood.

Then I grew up and the colours have sadfully dried…

I recently bought a box of Mr. Sketch in rememberence of the old one and of the happy times that I have so much enjoyed. Still, the new ones will never be as shiny or as beautifully perfumed as the ones in my memory…

Let me introduce them to you:

When and how did you know that you needed to draw?




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