Insights and Inspiration

My Expectations and Desires

More than depicting objects, landscapes or persons in real life, I am interested in senses and perception. I am interested in translating my dreams, my emotions and feelings, the result of my senses and generally my most wild imaginary into colour and drawings. I am also interested in exploring other students individual work and hearing their insights, since I know that perception is something very “personal” and I am always surprised and amazed at its variability from person to person.

So, please, do feel free to dialogue with me or to simply share your insights on my blog. In my daily life I roam into a world of “terre-à-terre” individuals, whom I find very hard to even mention this kind of questioning to. Therefore I am happy to be able to share this with a whole community of art inclined people.

A question to ponder upon: how would you translate into visual art The Sound, The Taste, The Smell or The Touch?



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