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Insights about exposing Art

I am following a line of thought that started in one conversation on the OCA forum. It’s about showing versus showing off one’s artistic creations.

I had to admit that each and every artist must have a little grain of vanity and feel the need to be praised, including myself. I don’t know how Art Schools used to teach during the second half of the last century and which were the trends. But every Art Book that I have browsed or read during the last years, since I became more and more convinced that I should pursue Drawing to a professional level, tought artists to display as much as possible, to not hesitate using social media and to steadily work towards building a solid portofolio.

Nevertheless, I have met talented artists that found to be demeaning exposing their work on some kind of the nowadays social media. I have heard their convictions that only art galleries are worthy of their work. Needless to say that those persons are not fulfilled artists and that they are always critical and bitter towards creations published and advertised on social media, pretending that it is cheap work.

I find it terribly sad since it’s a waste of valuable talent and of human spirituality. Times have changed, superfluous pride is counterproductive and I find that artists should first learn to mingle before standing out in their own personal style. I find that the capacity to adapt is one of the keys of an artist’s long term survival. Speaking in terms of fashion, falling into the myth of the poor and misunderstood Artist is no longer fashionable. 🙂

My question is: how do you show without showing off? Or do we actually have to show off?

This is one of the reasons that make me avoid using Facebook. I’ve been off Facebook for more than a year. I was getting tired of the imbued with themselves personalities of a majority of users, with their relentless preoccupation for their image or projection into other people’s minds. For me Facebook became a synonym to showing off and to competition.

I do not believe in the principles of competition in Art. We are not equal in a sense where we are complementary pieces into a bigger spiritual puzzle. Each and every one’s input is valuable, since it shows another side of the die and completes the larger picture… And then there is always something more to learn or to improve, humility being a step forward to progress.

I'm doing my own illustrations although they do not amount to much right now... :)

(I’m doing my own illustrations even though they do not amount to much right now…)



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