“Draw like a Boss” by Ashley Edge

I recommend this very enjoyable book as a helpful and easy-to-go companion on your journey to drawing. Ashley Edge, it’s author, approaches drawing from a very playful perspective and he teaches through his own experience, with all the psychological drawbacks and revelations, therefore the more precious. It is a “hands-on” book, containing well desguised theoretical notions. Last but not least, it is an open-minded work, written with passion and commitment to drawing and dedicated to all those who fearfully start on this pathway.


Kickstarter project by Ashley Edge and Elinor Rooks, ISBN 978-0-9955182-0-9



Some of my personal springs of treasures

img_2096Hello again,

Today I’d like to introduce you to a few of the books that I always keep close by and that are dear to me. No need to emphasize that these are only additional materials to the ones requested in our Drawing manual.

  • “To Paint is to Love again” – a testimony of Henry Miller discovering a new way of expressing himself, through painting at an advanced age.
  • “Concerning Spiritual in Art” – by Wassily Kandinsky.
  • “Growing Pains” – Wanda Gag’s self thought journey to drawing… and through obstacles and poverty.
  • “Les couples mythiques de l’art” by Alain Vircondelet, Beaux Arts Editions 2011, ISBN 978-2-84278-855-1 (I always like to “pry” into artists’ lives and understand their daily working mechanisms and the implications that have on their creations).
  • “D’Art D’Art!” is a series of 3 volumes, which corresponds to a very well known TV show on the French Television. It actually depicts works of art and explanations about their authors and about the oeuvre’s making itself.
  • Any book about rocks and minerals: I’m always surprised by their beautiful natural colors.
  • Late Umberto Eco’s “Histoire de la laideur” (History of Ugliness in Painting) – we always seek beauty. Why not look the other way around too?
  • Taschen’s “Book of Symbols” – simply fascinated by the evolution of symbols through time and cultures. It might prove more than useful in drawing.
  • “1000 Dessins de Génie” (1000 Genius Drawings) – ISBN 978-1-78160-802-9 (no need to state its usefulness).
  • “The Bird King and Other Sketches” by Shaun Tan- Windy Hollow Books 2010, Australia. In 2011 he won the Oscar for the best short animation movie “The Lost Thing” ( His drawings are in the same time weird, out of time and space but nevertheless very touching and detailed. Thus very inspiring to me…
  • Last but not least, an encyclopaedia of Italian Painting, a book that followed and fascinated me since I was very young and that I used to browse on a regular basis, even if I did understand not one bit of art at that time.

I hope you will find some of them interesting and useful.


PS: And there are others. To be continued in due time… Generally you can find all my various artistic interests grouped as best as I could on my Pintrest page .